Mapquest was the original mapping application to get people around cities and states. It was there to help user navigate to grandma's house for Thanksgiving or to find that hot new restaurant in town. Where it left users stranded, was when people visited cities where locals used a mix of driving, walking, trains, and buses.

“I never left the line my hotel was. It was like my life-line in the city.”

MapQuest User
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We began by interviewing users who've recently traveled to New York City. We learned that needed directions that included driving, walking, and subway travel.

We extended Mapquest's existing routing to include "multi-modal" directions. In addition to driving, this included walking, and riding the subway. But beyond the turn-by-turn directions, we included useful data to travelers along the way. The goal was to take some of anxiety out of town guest feel when they're travelling in the city.

The outcome was a clean interface with clear directions, that allowed tourists to confidently navigate the city.