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Modeled after successful design systems at General Electric and Sun Microsystems, the Design System is an extensible set of development and design assets to support the easy creation of PB’s digital applications. Our goal is to establish an environment where we can adapt quickly to changes in the customer landscape, learn from our mistakes, and leverage our successes.

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Application design and front-end development at Pitney Bowes occurs across a myriad teams, with little consistency in appearance, execution or process. This means there are often redundant efforts delivering similar experiences and functionality. The Design System will eliminate these redundant efforts by providing quick and easy access to tools that can readily be dropped in to each application and website.


The Pitney Bowes Design System initiative is a means of improving the customer experience through:

  • Delivery of a modern user interface design
  • Delivery of consistent branding, design patterns and workflows
  • Increased efficiency and quality in delivering top-tier Web and Web application experiences

By conducting and leveraging research and testing on each and every component in the Design System, Pitney Bowes customers will have an improved, consistent experience that will enable them to complete tasks, find solutions and gain insights quickly and easily. Furthermore, visual consistency will establish and reinforce the Pitney Bowes brand.

For example, the Design System was recently applied to pbSmartPostage as part of an effort to be more competitive to Stamps.com. Not only did the Design System help customers more successfully complete orders (zero errors vs. five errors on Stamps.com), they also preferred the overall experience to Stamps.com